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About us

The mission of “InterStudent” company is to serve as a guide between quality education and the client, offering the best in the field of learning foreign languages and foreign educational institutions.

The vision of “InterStudent” company is to become a leading Language School among others that provide learning English as a second language and the best consulting agency implementing a foreign education, while adhering to the company’s invariable principles (quality service, customer focus, respect and friendliness).

The staff of “InterStudent” company are experienced and energetic professionals of their work. Our main principle of work is quality and variety of services provided as well as the effectiveness.
The company has set off work in Nur-Sultan since 2014. At first it was a  small office with staff of three people. Nowadays, “InterStudent” is a highly experienced and a big company which has a modern big office in the center of Nur-Sultan and reliable partners. Until this time, we taught people English, prepared them for language exams and sent over three thousand clients to study abroad and still do.

Moreover, we constantly develop our activities by organizing and conducting educational exhibitions, forums, seminars, trainings, webinars, workshops and so on. The purpose of these events is to aware interested clients about training opportunities, relevant programs and foreign educational institutions in the contemporary world. In addition, our teachers share their experiences, organize a variety of master classes and advanced training webinars for colleagues, that makes them to plunge into a constant search of innovations in order to provide learners with advanced and effective methods of nurturing.

The educational office works closely with the foreign embassies of Canada, the USA, the Netherlands and the international cultural and educational organizations of British Council, Education USA, Nuffic Neso, through conducting joint seminars, webinars, and consultations to inform our students about all the steps in the educational system and educational opportunities in these countries.
The universities and schools in Nur-Sultan are also in the list of our educational services, which we conduct with joint events of various formats. This allows us to be at the focal point of the city’s events, have a live feedback from the client and understand the most pressing development trends of modern generation.

We are always open for new ideas and proposals for cooperation and consider any opportunity to co-operate together as an opportunity to gain something new and useful.
If you are interested in our project, you could leave a request and a manager will contact you.

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