I had been studying at Nazarbayev University. In February I decided to go study abroad. Me and my mother went to several agencies, but they offered universities, where education was very expensive. In May of this year, after I failed collaboration with the local agencies, I came in despair to Kseniya. From the first minute I realized that she is professional, and most importantly, a person who loves her work. She advised some universities where scholarships were offered for international students. She sent them all my documents, I passed exams. And already in June I had 4 universities and all I needed to do is to choose. We just told our budget and the process started going. In the beginning I was going to study in Italy, where one prestigious university offered me a very value scholarship of 50%. But, unfortunately, the Italian Embassy was in state of uncertainty where to prove my qualification or not due to differences between Kazakh stan and Italian Education systems. When this happened, I was abroad on holiday and Kseniya went to Italian Embassy to defend me and my application on my behalf. Despite on the rejection of Italian Embassy, the main point for me was that she did her best and did not give up on me. Now I’m studying in Barcelona and think that it’s all to the good. I’m really enjoying my studies at Global Business School Barcelona and would like to express my gratitude to Kseniya who helped me on my way.

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